FVBN Events

Birth Network events are hosted monthly on the the third Tuesday of every month unless otherwise posted.

FVBN Meeting September 20th (Sat) @ 7:30pm
West Coast Health Collective - 2633 Montrose Ave, Unit A (side door), Abbotsford

As is our tradition, September is our networking meeting. Bring your cards and promotional materials, and if possible, bring a friend or colleague as well. We'll have an introductions time at the beginning to get to know each other and our practices, as well as a social at the end to connect.

Next on the agenda, Fraser Valley Birth Network is delighted to be hosting a film screening of Microbirth. "A feature-length documentary asking if interventions in childbirth could be damaging the long-term health of our children with consequences for all of humanity." For more details on this movie, check out www.microbirth.com.

Last but not least, we'll have a collection of beautiful handmade goods to browse and purchase from Shanti Uganda. These bags and jewelery are made by women in Uganda and are sold to support maternal health and women's empowerment in Uganda. To find out more about Shanti Uganda, visit their site at www.shantiuganda.org

We'll have tea and snacks to enjoy while networking.

FVBN Meeting June 17th @ 7:30

June's meeting is about: Birthing Business Essentials:

Justine Pearson, CD (DONA) who started as a Doula 15 years ago and has built and sold a birthing business in Vancouver will walk us through helping to define some essentials about our businesses.
Who are we marketing to?
Are we ready at all times?
What do we stand for?
AND more!

Address: Apt 307- 2485 Hill Tout Street, Abbotsford,B.C. V2T 4G5 BUZZ 42 (elevator does go up- arrow points down) parking along the fence in the front AND back of building OR street.
(small hypoallergenic dog in home)

FVBN Meeting May 20th @ 7:30

May's meeting will be held at Mission Midwifery (7514 Welton St. Mission, BC)

We are delighted to have Katy Brooks from Bringing Baby Home - Fraser Valley as our speaker for the evening. Katy will be introducing herself to our group (networking!) as well as talking about her program.

For more information on BBH or Katy, please check out her website www.bringingbabyhomefv.com.


FVBN Meeting April 23rd @ 7:30

April's meeting will be held at Chilliwack Midwifery (9240 Young Rd, Chilliwack)
*Please come to the back of the building, there is a parking lot just off Princess St and the office is in the Sutton Business Centre. As of yet, there isn't an outdoor sign.

We are delighted to be hosting our very own, Ronel Dreyer, Lactation Consultant. 

Ronel will share about her area of expertise, breastfeeding. Ronel will also touch on Laid-back breastfeeding (or biological nurturing) and what are the signs that a mama and baby are in need of a referral to an LC.

To find out more about Ronel, please check out her website at www.roneldreyer.com.


FVBN Meeting March 18th @ 7:30

March's meeting at Evoke Wellness Center (33123 1st Ave, Mission, BC)

We'll get a chance to meet the members of their team and learn what they offer to mama's and babies.


FVBN Meeting February 18th @ 7:30

Please join us as we learn about Birth Photography from our local pro - Jaydene Freund from Cradled Creations.

We will be meeting on Tuesday, February 18th at 7:30pm. Hosted at West Coast Health Collective - 2633 Montrose Ave. (Go down the little alley way between the barber shop and the hair salon, the door to the collective is on the right. We'll be upstairs!)

Here is Jaydene's bio as well as a bit about what we can expect to learn:

"I started Cradled Creations when I became a doula in 2009. After attending a few births, I quickly realized I wanted to focus on birth photography because I saw how mothers cherished the photos I had given them. I love what I do because each baby has a unique journey into this world. The details can be easily forgotten over time, but photos preserve their story. Over the past few years I've photographed over 45 births and have experienced birth on the other side of the lens twice. It's crazy hectic balancing 2 young children and an on-call lifestyle, but I LOVE what I do!"

*How to balance being a doula and taking photos
*Technical aspects of birth photography
*Top shots to capture
*Working together as a birth community

Looking forward to seeing you there!


FVBN MEETING January 21st @ 7:30

Hosted at West Coast Health Collective (2633 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford, BC)
Go down the little alley way between the barber shop and the hair salon and the door to the collective is on the right. We'll be upstairs!

We are delighted to have Kathy Joy King join us and give an informative presentation on acupuncture during the entire birth process. Including fertility, conception, labour and postpartum. Kathy will share what conditions are treatable with acupuncture, such as morning sickness, rashes, headaches, postpartum depression and back pain. Kathy will also share with us the details on when best to contact for her services during labour in the hospital or at home.

Kathy Joy King, R.TCM.P, R.A., S.A.I.T, C.A.O.O.M, graduated as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997, studying in Canada and Jinan China. Graduated in 1991 in BioKinesiology from Bio-Kim Nutritional Institute, and took Doula Training in Vancouver in 1999. The first in BC to become a Certified TCM Practioner and Doula. I was grandfathered into the Canadian Association of Oriental Obstetrical Medicine and was responsible for coming up with some of the exam questions for other registered acupuncturists to qualify for that designation. Now mentoring Midwives who are taking acupuncture along with their midwifery training.


FVBN Annual Holiday Social - December 14th @ 7:00

We will be meeting at the West Coast Health Collective (2633 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford, BC)

Join us for a stylish Christmas evening, sharing food, listening to holiday tunes and chatting about birth.

Please bring an appetizer, dessert or beverage to share.


FVBN MEETING November 20th @ 7:30

The meeting will be held at West Coast Health Collective (2633 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford, BC )
..bring a snack to share if you please.

I am pleased to announce this month's meeting will feature Lisa Grieve as our guest speaker. She will be demonstrating Young Living Essential Oils and discussing what essential oils are most beneficial during pregnancy, labour and for newborn care.

Lisa will have some aromatherapy kits complete with a diffuser for sale at the meeting for those who are interested!


FVBN MEETING October 23rd @ 7:30

The meeting will be held at West Coast Health Collective (2633 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford, BC )

Please join us for a fun and informative night on the topic of the Rebozo! We will be going over the basics of rebozo use during pregnancy and birth, learning a few basic uses for the rebozo and a bit of it's history.

Please bring your rebozo if you have one and your ideas to share with the group if you like.


FVBN MEETING September 24th @ 7:30

Hello ladies!
We have a host! Our meeting will be held at Kathie Lindstrom's house (contact us for address).

This will be an evening to network and re-connect after our summer break. Please bring your business cards, upcoming events and any marketing material you would like to share with the group.

See you soon!


FVBN MEETING June 26th @ 7:30

We will be meeting on Wednesday, June 26 @ 7:30pm at Paula Jacobs home to discuss trauma and how it affects families during birth. We are very fortunate to have such an incredible therapist with such extensive knowledge and experience in our group! Thank you, Paula, for sharing what you have learned with us.

This will be our last 'official' meeting before we break for summer. I hope to see you all there!

A bit about Paula:

I am a Registered Nurse and Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 20 years of working with families as they transition into parenthood. I have worked in a variety of settings including Paediatrics/Maternity, Public Health and now as therapist I work as an Infant Mental Health Therapist with MCFD and I have a private practise specializing in Reproductive Mental Health. This includes working with families who are struggling with infertility, pregnancy and neonatal loss, perinatal depression and anxiety as well as birth trauma.

I would like to spend some time talking about what trauma is, and how it can affect families during the reproductive years. I would like to give a bit of info on how trauma affects the brain and review a very effective treatment method called EMDR. I would be happy to answer any questions on any other topics if people are interested.........

2291 Cameron Cres. Abbotsford BC V3G 0B7

Paula Jacobs RN, MA, RCC
wellwithin counselling & education


FVBN MEETING May 27th @ 7:30

Miranda and Hilde will be sharing with us about Elimination Communication.

"Have you heard of EC? It’s the new thing! Actually it’s the old thing, dating back to the beginning of humanity. Our ancestors responded to their babes cues to pee and helped them to eliminate somewhere other than on themselves. Many cultures in the world still practice EC (thought they likely do not call it that) exclusively.

Miranda and Hilde are now offering a beginners workshop on Elimination Communication! In this workshop we will touch on the history of EC, what EC means to us personally (communication is key!) A few tricks and tips to get started, how to “pee” a baby, a lengthy Q+A period and more!
We will be hosting these workshops on an ongoing basis at the West Coast Health Collective in Abbotsford, BC."

Nicole has offered to once again host for us. 44159 Keith Wilson Rd, Chilliwack.
Looking forward to seeing you all again!


FVBN MEETING April 15th @7:00

Our next meeting is on Monday, April 15th from 7:00 - 9:00pm sharp!

Please be on time as we need to get started right away and be out by 9:00. The meeting will be held at Cindy's place: 45975 Ivy Ave, Sardis, 604.847.0458

Our special guest will be Donna Dixson from the Chilliwack Hospital & Health Care Foundation.

The Chilliwack Hospital & Health Care Foundation is committed to improving the health of you and your family. We have four priority areas that include Children and Youth, Hospital Initiatives, Seniors and Community Health. We are working with all health stakeholders to inspire and affect change in the health of our community from birth to end of life. Donna Dixson, Director of Community Relations for CHHCF will be making a presentation on their work. Donna will also be sharing plans to encourage a Baby Friendly designation for the community and asking for our support and input on what is required and how the Fraser Valley Birth Network can be involved.



7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: 44159 Keith Wilson Rd. Chilliwack, BC V2R 4B5 604-846-BABY (2229)

This month we will meet on February 25th @ 7:30pm.
Nicole will host at With Child Birth and Baby Boutique.

We will be collecting our yearly member fees of $25. Please remember to bring cash or cheque!! This evening will give us an opportunity to NETWORK, so bring your business cards, brochures, and flyers of upcoming events. This will be a time to discuss our goals for the year and for brainstorming about cross promotion that Sarah has already mentioned in an earlier post. Let's look forward to community events we can be a part of and get the word out about our services!

Looking forward to seeing you all and meeting some new members!



Joan will be our hostess.
46435 Maple Ave, Chilliwack.(just behind Chilliwack Middle School)

This is a potluck dinner, so bring something to share. Wine is always appreciated!

Merry Christmas


Monday, November 19, 2012

Join us for an evening with Kara Bonnefoy, DC
7:30 - 10:00pm
Serenity Chiropractic- #23-8635 Young Rd., Chilliwack

Dr. Kara Bonnefoy will be speaking on the benefits of chiropractic care for the woman during pregnancy and postpartum. Also, about how she can help newborns with issues such as spinal and cranial misalignment, which often result in colic, breathing problems, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions and chronic infections.

Come and enjoy interesting conversation and network with your fellow birth junkies!


Monday, October 15 2012

Join us for Marketing your Birth Business
With Child Birth and Baby Boutique
44159 Keith Wilson Rd, Chilliwack, BC

Guest speaker, Wendy McClelland of Simply Organic Marketing will discuss unique, creative and fun marketing strategies for your birth business.



Monday, June 18, 2012

Join us for our June Networking event
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Please RSVP 604-852-0901

Kathie Lindstrom will lead a discussion on the importance of doulas working together and on the same page. She will also share some details of a recent trip to Hawaii.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Join us for our April Networking event.
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Mission Midwifery
7376 Murray Street, Mission, BC V2V 4A4


Wednesday, May 18th @ 7:45 pm

Obstacles to homebirth
With Child, birth & baby boutique
44159 Keith Wilson Rd. Chilliwack

Join us as we discuss some of the challenges involved with homebirth and some of the risks that can prevent a successful homebirth. What does it mean to be "risked" out of homebirth eligibility?

As always new members are welcome to join us! There will be networking opportunity after the presentation of the evening.


Wednesday, March 30th @ 7:30 pm

Join us for a networking evening!
With Child 44159 Keith Wilson Rd. Chilliwack

Join us to brainstorm and explore ways of working together… back-up agreements, shared space, cross-promotion, etc. Please come prepared to give a brief summary of your offerings to the childbearing world, as well as, if applicable, any special rates or deals you offer for Birth Network Members, or their clients. We would love to learn how the Birth Network could be helpful to your business.

This would be a great meeting for new members!

A reminder that 2011 Membership fees are due now.



Join us for our Christmas Party!

We will be sharing a meal so bring something for potluck! Nicole will be our hostess: 44159 Keith Wilson Rd. Chilliwack.

Just a reminder to bring a cash donation for our fundraiser. If you are unable to make it to the party, but still want to make a contribution, please contact Cindy for a mailing address and you can always send her a cheque.

Kangaroo Care Program- Fraser Health

Dr. Nils Bergman, Kangaroo care advocate and specialist has long endorsed the benefits of skin-to-skin contact. Research has shown that babies provided with kangaroo care stabilize quicker, initiate breastfeeding earlier and are provided with the optimum neurological environment for development.


The Fraser Valley Breastfeeding Advisory council has a project to help provide skin to skin contact for babies as part of their baby-friendly program. They are asking for donations to buy material and the pattern to make "care shirts" for parents to wear during the skin to skin contact with their babies. The shirts will be made locally for CGH and ARH maternity.

Depending on how much money we collect we would also like to additionally purchase some hot/cold packs to be left on the maternity wards of each hospital with our label donated by "Fraser Valley Birth Network" sewn on them for doulas and other support people to use for women in labor.


Monday, October 25th

An evening of birth art and Babies!
Shan's house, 46497 Stoney Creek Dr., Chilliwack, 604-824-9506

The Barefoot Butterfly lady will be coming (re-scheduled from July). Carolyn Manchulenko, is a visual artist residing in the Fraser Valley. One of her specialties is Body Art, including very beautiful artwork on pregnant bellies. In addition to sharing with us her journey as an artist, she'll be explaining all about Belly Art and two lucky attendees will get to be models so she can show us how the process is done. Of course, as none of us have a lovely pregnant belly to be decorated, we can choose either our face or some other body part to be painted on (she might also bring one or two of her reborn dolls). You can see samples of Carolyn's work on her website, www.barefootbutterfly.com.