Fitness Instructors

"Babies are bits of star-dust blown from the hand of God. 
Lucky the woman who knows the pangs of birth for she has held a star."
~Larry Barretto

Krista Evison
I truly stumbled into my passion for birth, but believe it was no accident! It all began with the birth of my first son. I had an emergency C-section with him and longed for a different birth experience. While pregnant with my second son I attended a vaginal delivery and it inspired me to try a VBCA. My VBAC was a better experience but I still went through PPD and felt alone. I met a Doula shortly after this birth and realized birth could be different! This is where my personal birth journeys and passions began to align! Something deep within me knew I was meant to support women through their birth journeys. I became a birth doula and then DONA certified. I also became pregnant with my third son after becoming a doula! With a newfound confidence in my abilities and a doula by our side I finally experienced the birth I had been longing for! Since then it has been my passion to support women through their own birth journeys.

Each woman’s journey and birth philosophy is unique to her and it has become my goal to support and celebrate each woman’s individual needs. I have continued my education and become a certified Dancing For Birth Instructor and took the Breastfeeding for Health Care Providers course and love supporting breastfeeding mothers. As a birth Doula, DFB instructor and Breastfeeding support person it has truly been a gift to walk alongside these amazing women!

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As a co-founders, co-owners and instructors at Inner Vision Yoga in Chilliwack, We are thrilled to share the benefits of yoga to expectant moms and mothers with babies in the community. Recognizing the support that yoga provides throughout pregnancy, during the birth experience and through motherhood.  The practice of yoga in preparing for birth helps birthing moms accept the birthing process with more confidence and trust. They learn how to open to the experience of giving birth.  Prenatal yoga classes are an effective way for birthing moms to practice tuning in, build inner strength accessing and a sense of calm and over all well-being. All of which benefits moms through the parenting journey.

Inner vision yoga also offers classes for Moms and babies to share yoga in a playful, relaxing and comfortable environment. Moms have a change to release stress, connect to their babies and take time to stretch, exploring breathing techniques to energize or to relax. This is a fun opportunity to connect to other moms and build a supportive community.

Both Lara and Laurea have been certified as prenatal yoga instructors and have also completed their 200hr RYT certification for teaching yoga internationally.

45638 Lark Road, Chilliwack, BC (in Vedder Plaza, Sardis, one block north of Garrison Village)

Laurea Palmantier
My name is Amanda and as a partner of Yellow Bird Birth and a Doula/Fitness Instructor I am excited to offer Prenatal Fitness Classes in Abbotsford at The Goddess Movement.  My goal is to empower and encourage self-confidence in you as a woman as you grow your baby and prepare for motherhood.  With a mixture of stretching, strength work, dance and movements, you will be keeping your body healthy and ready for birth.

I have been instructing women’s dance/fitness classes for many years in this studio and we strive to offer a safe space where the lights are dim, the music is lovely and the movement is oh so good! Join us for our 4 week sessions and enjoy meeting new friends.